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Barack Obama

In what can be considered as a huge ballsy move, the Obama '12 campaign have put out Obama's birth certificate as merchandise to help raise funds for his upcoming campaign. There's even a Made in the USA tee for Obama fans out there. Unfortunately I couldn't find an online checkout for these. But you can get the mug on a donation of $15 and above and the tee for $25 and above.

Nowhere Bad

  I usually don't post the same tee store in consecutive posts, but I just  found out that these tees sell for just $15 with free shipping(US only)! And on Fridays they knock off a buck, so you can get 'em for just $14!


 As usual threadless is having one of their many awesome sales where all tees are 12 bucks a piece. The sale is extended till 20ththat's err today!

Design By Humans


         UneeTee's mystery shirt is back! This is where they give you a random tee for just $6!


I don't know what the hell a rapture sale is,we all know that's on 21st Dec 2012 , but it sounds good!

This long weekend roundup is to keep you guys occupied till Monday, since I'll be away for the weekend! Have a great weekend kids, see ya next week, if the world doesn't end, that is!

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Lots of tee stores make movie mock-ups tributes,etc. Waterloo (or more precisely I Love Waterloo) has dedicated pretty much their entire collection to great movies from across the planet.
      I loved  the fact that they did not limit themselves to mainstream English movies but managed to capture a lot of great foreign flicks like Amelie, Pan's Labyrinth, etc in vintage styled designs.
   The tees are all mostly two-color chinos prints and are a steal at 20 bucks a piece. Check out more of their fantastic collection on their online store.

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Harsha Wednesday, May 11, 2011 1 comments Labels: , , , , , ,

Most tee sites have a theme for the week/month/season,etc but not Retro Campaigns.They are wholly based on American political history featuring every prominent president from FDR to Clinton.
  Most of the tees especially the JFK, Reagan and  Teddy R's tees are masterfully done in its respective era's design and fashion bringing with it an air of authenticity. Some others however, especially the typography is a bit too clean and fails to capture that authentic feel. Hopefully, they will expand their line to cover more grounds in US history.
 Check out more of their fabulous designs after the break.

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 I've featured a lot of indie clothing labels before. Now I thought I'd try and feature a couple of one-man show, or in this case a one-woman  tee store. So, I present to you stephanie Richcorner's little collection all the way from Italy.
     Oh also, the new 'Tee Of The Day' feature is o make sure i post regularly.Just like the Weekend Round-Up,folks!

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   A lot has happened since the last time I posted. If you came online to get away from the constant  Will-Kate media, then you're a bit out of luck. Here's a couple of tees commemorating the event! It's surprising how thee is a lack of any good tees for a such a huge event.
   Also Portal 2 finally released. And the quirky character of Cave Johnson makes the game whole game worth the price. A couple of Portal tees just after the jump..


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