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Harsha Sunday, April 25, 2010 0 comments Labels: , , , ,

 You can now your hardcore geekiness with this Pi t - shirt. It's a metro blue 100% cotton heavyweight t-shirt with the Pi symbol on it. The first 4493 digits of Pi were used to construct the Pi symbol itself. That's a whole lot of Pi. Similar mathematical constants and symbols like e and phi are available.
   Also, watch Pi, the movie, while wearing this tee.Now that's hardcore.

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TurnNocturnal, recently put up some sweet typography design based tees.Here's San Serif and Huge Type, their best selling type tees. put up their line of what they call JPRG. Check out their site for more details. Err.. they cost a tad too much at $50.
If you have an Edgar Allan Poe affinity, here's a tee for you from the Virus Store.
And finally, if you're really into type tees, here's Ugmonk, a site more or less dedicated to typography shirts.

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Harsha Thursday, April 1, 2010 0 comments Labels: , , , , ,

LaFraise wishes you a colorful Easter. And oh yeah Easter sale!
You can get FREE SHIPPING if you use the following coupon code HAPPYEASTER at checkout.

Offer is valid only for tees of these colors, and upto Aprli 5th only.
And that's not all, they're having a sale on their Madamoiselle line of clothing for women.
Grab them at 20% off! Use coupon code springmad20 for the discount!

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