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FREEGUMS, a small but pleasantly deviant tee store is having a black friday sale on their online tee store.

  With an ardent appreciation for madcap aesthetics, comfort, and individuality, Freegums transform the everyday garment into a timeless personal gesture. Featured in art shows, boutiques and publications around the World, the Freegums collection cannot be classified as a street-wear brand or high-fashion line, but rather as a means-based artistic label that continues to pave a distinctive path in the fashion industry by responding with considered enthusiasm to popular sub-culture trends.

TILTEED is throwing a limited Holiday Sale!

And Finally SKREENED with a 'Dark Gray Friday deal!

And of course a reminder for the infamous THREADLESS Black Hole Friday Sale....which is on all week!

Black Friday Sales

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Scared Panda is a tiny yet remarkable tee store started by travel aficionados, Clint and Kate. Their tee graphics reflect their experiences of various cultures they have encountered.

We started Scared Panda because we wanted to create something. We love to travel and learn about new cities and cultures and we love t-shirts so starting a t-shirt company that shares unique perspectives of different cities just made sense. Some of the best things we’ve discovered in life have been a result of changing the way we see things. Wayne Dyer said, “When you change the way you see things, the things you see change.” To us, that’s what life is all about, changing, learning, discovering. We hope, with these t-shirts, to spread a little bit of that around.
Also, 10% of every sale goes towards various charities. So, not only do you get to own some pretty sweet tees, but you can feel good about making a difference. Check out their site for a full catalog.

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RadCakes, an apparel website where everything is designed and silk screened by hand in-house.Their designs have two things in common, they are all inspired by ocean related themes and LSD induced, which from past experience, is always a good thing. 
              The RadCakes' design is quite deviant from the usual tees featured here. Though most of their designs use limited colors, they make use of it in the best possible ways. Other than tees, they house an array of products ranging from hoodies to custom keds. The keds especially caught my eye. Though  a tad pricey( hey, custom-made ain't cheap!), they are very well made. RadCakes have a lot of potential for designing trendy beach wear. Set up a store in sunny Cali and you'd make a killing!

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 Seventh Ink recently launched  their Winter Line Collection. Currently two tees are up for grabs on their site. First up is a Star Wars tee, a very blinged out Guido tee!

Oota goota, Guido? That's exactly what this blinged-out Greedo is thinking when he checks himself out in the mirror. The first of (hopefully) many Star Wars shirts to come! Tagless and printed on Black by American Apparel.

 The line also features a 300 themed collection. Fortunately, it's not a tee with Gerard Butler's screaming face on it. It's a more subtle reference to the Spartans.

The ultimate Spartan shirt! Inspired by the epic movie/graphic novel 300, this design makes you feel like you're wearing battle armor. Tagless and printed on Red by American Apparel, also available on Black and Gray below.
In unrelated news, Zack Snyder( director of 300) is making a movie on  Sucker Punch with unnecessary slow-motion.

Seventh.Ink Apparel

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