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Harsha Sunday, March 28, 2010 0 comments

The Imaginary Foundation isn't your conventional tee store. It is a Switzerland based group that does experimental research on new ways of thinking and the power of the imagination. It even has its own mysterious cult leader to boot! According to their site they use clothing as a mean and medium to share their imagination with the rest of the world.
   Anyway, they happen to have some great tees in their line, ranging from awesome to artistic to trippy.
Do check it out if vintage ,brightly colored t shirts are your thing.

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Monster Threads features imaginative and quirky illustrations from artists around the world. They’re available across a range of high quality garments including tees and  t-shirts, vests, singlets and hoodies.Currently they're having a spring sale across all their products. So, if you felt their pricing in Euros was a tad too expensive, this is the time to buy. Also, first time customers get a 10% off on their products!

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New Standard Clothing, is a clothing line with it's own set of amazing artists from across the globe.A 'periodic table depicting each artist as an element can be seen on their site. The store operates on the 'Buy a Shirt, Support The Artist' method, similar to Cameesa. Here's a preview of their tee line. The tees are priced around $28 with SnH extra, but look out for offers and promos.

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Harsha Wednesday, March 24, 2010 0 comments Labels: , , , ,

Fullbleed merchandise, recently released their 'Season 10' line of tees. If you like simple yet stunning designs, you wouldn't want to miss out on their line of tees all under $20. Their product line also include hoodies, prints, posters and pins.
  Also, a heads-up on their soon to dissapear last pressing selection of tees. Grab 'em while you still can.

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Headline Shirts have some great tees if you're interested in funny, provocative, cool, hot, liberal, reactionary, libertarian, Whig party, Rock ‘n Roll, Muzaky, offensive, innocuous, tuxedo-related, vintage, 80s, 90s, and t-shirts that simply don't make any damn sense.
     They are also having a St. Patrick's Day sale, and many of their popular tees are going for $10! Grab 'em while you can.

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Harsha Saturday, March 20, 2010 0 comments Labels: , , ,

Here's a little T- Shirt site,Queer Republic, that deals exclusively for gays and lesbians. Straight people can find some great tees too. As the website explicitly states, Not your typical lame ass rainbow crap.
   And yes some of them are pretty straightforwardly gay( heh! heh! See what I did there).  Their tees range from the subtle to the loud and proud.
Still I think everyone should check out the simple, clean, yet colourful vector art based tees if you're tired of the usual artsy fanfare.
   Here's a little preview:

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Yeah, I know the skull on tee is one of the most overused t shirt designs on earth. That is exactly why I made this list of awesome skull tees from around the net.
  In no particular order, here's a few: 

 Sacred by Fatal Clothing, is a perfect example of seamlessy combining sexy art and horror themes. Super-soft ringspun cotton. printed tag. Double-needle bottom hem and sleeves. Pre-shrunk to minimize shrinkage.
Floral Skull T-Shirt by Designed Extreme. As the description says, This design might seem harmless at first but upon closer inspection you will find a big skull hiding in the background. Made of 100% heavy cotton.
 Earth-Rise by Public Domain Clothing. Houston we have a huge f*$kin' problem!
Skull Princess by Blackbird Clothing.Another exemplary design that has a skull and doesn't look trashy.
Lights Out by Threadless.Artistic design combining a bulb and a skull.Plastisol ink, 4-color screen print, a chino additive for softness and simulated process technique.

Bone Idol by Threadless. A simple yet powerful design that steers away from the dark themes that are usually commonplace with skulls. Plastisol ink and a chino additive for softness.
Between The Eyes by Threadless Select. A different take on the subject. Made with Plastisol ink and sparkly shimmer ink.

Graffiti Nation by DBH.An amazing Statue Of Liberty skull tee from DBH.
  Dead Nature Urban Industry by DBH. Combines various themes to create one helluva tee.

Chaos Theory by DBH. Probably one of the best skull shirts on DBH till date.

If you have any amazing favourites that you want to share, feel free to share!

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         A small list here cause I'm busy at college with my IA exams! So will be in full force by next week, till then, here's a small round up of all the top tees around the web this week.First up we have a wacky tee form candypaint at Emptees.

From DesignByHumans, here's a classy,sexy tee that I'm in love with!

But the Oscar goes to Heath Ledger and Helen Mirren, for this tee, at Threadless

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Harsha Wednesday, March 10, 2010 0 comments Labels: , ,

The Bestees Award at Threadless have been finally announced and there are some great tees on sale today! Here are your winners...

Designer of the Year: Juliet by Lim Heng Swee 
    Probably my favourite of the lot among the contest winners! Great art on the tee. Simple,subtle and beautiful.It's made with 6-color screen print, plastisol ink, a chino additive for softness and simulated process technique.

Unprinted Design: Lock Ness by Zack Davenport
  A really witty artwork but a little too light for my taste. A bit darker undertones would be much better. Made with Plastisol ink, 4-color screen print and a chino additive for softness.

Best Newcomer: The Midnight Forest by ben chen
     A pretty nice surreal art and it is all of four colors. Made with  4-color screen print, plastisol ink and a chino additive for softness.

Best Colab: Self Portrait by Brian Cook and Piper Kirkby
   An ok tee, would look for kids,I guess. Made with 6-color screen print, plastisol ink and a chino additive for softness.

Bestee Of The Month: The Beetles by Alex Solis
           An awesomely witty tee as a tribute to the legends. Made with Plastisol ink, 5-color screen print and a chino additive for softness.

Best kids! design: Dandy Lions by Kristen Howdeshell
          A tee that would look great on anyone actually. Made with Plastisol ink, 2-color screen print, a chino additive for softness and over-sized printing.

Best Blogger: A Flying Dog in Outer Space by Ryder Doty
         A really cool concept art of a dog in space.Just don't like the tee color. Made with 3-color screen print, plastisol ink and a chino additive for softness.

Best TypeTee:"If Your Pants Are On Fire, Being A Liar Becomes Less Important" by Josh Miller
         Nice slogan, but I think a lot of good slogan submissions get drowned at Threadless due to excessive negative votes. 

People's Choice: It's Toile About You by Emmy Cicierega
           A simple clean banner printed tee is this year's designer of the year aalso. Made with 1-color screen print, super-soft water-based ink and all-over belt printing.


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Harsha Sunday, March 7, 2010 0 comments Labels: , ,

laFraise, a french based tee company is one of my favorite sites on the web. Threadless fans will be right at home here. The site allows user submissions and winning designs are picked weekly. They have had quite a few awesome t- shirts, including a special line for women.
     Being European, it's all priced in euros and may feel a bit steep than your average tee site, but some of htem seem worth the price!
      Anyway here's a few great tees that caught my eye recently!


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Harsha Friday, March 5, 2010 0 comments Labels: , ,

Lowdtown, a web based tee company, is shutting down due to a copyright issue. Not to worry, as it is merely undergoing a major overhaul and is being relaunched under a different name.Lowdtown was known for its refreshing line of tees.
  Obviously, this means it's stock clearance time! The site is offering a 50%-70% off on all its products. So, grab while you still can!

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Threadless, one of my favourite and arguably the best t-site on the internet for variety is reprinting some of its best sellers.

Let Our Veins Do The Talking, by upcoming artist, Chuck Anderson, is one of the best on sale today.
  Other than that, some pretty great classic tees are getting reprinted. This is your chance to grab them if you missed it last time around.
My favourite this week probably is Fisherman's Find

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