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Harsha Monday, March 1, 2010

I Luv T - Shirts. If you find T - shirt hunting overwhelming on the web, you may want to subscribe to my site for the best deals, tee sites,review,coupons,etc.I do all the work for you! Ain't the web just wonderful! On a serious note, I do have a passion for artsy, quirky tees that turns heads on the street, or tees that are just simply awesome as a canvas of art and individuality.So, expect to see only the best to be posted here.
    Okay, enough of the PR marketing. I'm Harsha. I'm a 20 year old grad student in Computer Science Engineering.
     Also, I'm still tweaking the site, so I apologize for any glitches and errors.
If you wish to contact me personally mail me at harsha(DOT)fra(AT)gmail(DOT)com

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  1. hey harsha!
    check out our new independent t-shirt site on
    we make unique psychedelic design hand printed on a full t shirt
    the kind of tees that can't be ignored in any party.
    hope you like it.

  1. Hi,
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  1. I own a clothing line (presently t-shirts and crews) which has a theme of Work Hard, Play Hard, in order to live the Life You Crave. This line honors those of us who follow their passions in life and I started this clothing line in order to help others like myself, who are pursuing a craving for a life they want to live, and whom sometimes do so without any type of safety net for taking the risk of doing that one thing they just know they were born to do.
    I am offering a program in which I will highlight a local fellow craver, someone who is following their passion in life and could use a financial shot in the arm, by offering to donate a % of my clothing line monthly sales to that individual in order to help them perhaps get to the next level of their extreme sports career, or for a band who's trying to raise funding to cut a CD, or someone who needs to take a class to hone the skills of their passion, etc.
    If interested in how this can help you follow your passion or dream, check us out at and then e-mail us from our site.

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