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For those of you who are restlessly waiting for Portal 2's release next spring, here's something to get your Portal fix until then. Ben Heck (yes, that guy), decided to make the geekiest Halloween costume ever.
 Obviously, this comes at a price. You will be needing miniature LCD screens, tiny cameras,etc.The video is pretty well made and straightforward. If you do manage to make one of these be sure to post it right here for some street creds!

DIY: Portal T-Shirt (Youtube)

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Harsha Saturday, October 9, 2010 0 comments Labels: , , , , ,

Threadless began as a side project for design student Jake Nickell, a tiny online T-shirt design popularity contest. Ten years later, the site has transformed into the Internet hub for DIY clothing design, with 1.2 million participants and millions more customers, all bound by a common thread: the idea that t-shirts should be art.
In this mini doc, Threadless founder Jake Nickell, designer Brent Schoepf, and fans of the community talk about how Threadless went global, what makes the community work, and how kids on computers are the future of entrepreneurial design.


SideNote: Yes! Yes! I'll fix the photobucket image error as soon as I can! Thanks everyone for informing me.

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It's been a week since I posted anything here. I'm going to make up for it by posting a s#!tload of offers, discounts and sales!
   First up is Threadless, offering a great line of premium clothing in their Select section. Check out their fall collection.

Also, Skreened is providing you with free shipping on any order with a hoodie. Use the code ZIPITTOME at checkout.

    BustedTees is having a 12-hour sale extravaganza.Get 'em while you still can. You have a few hours left!

Finally, Zazzle is giving away their pet apparel for a huge discount! Use coupon Code HAPPYDOGWEEK

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