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Distress To Impress
                          Distress To Impress has a surprisingly number of products for a small indie store. Their merch ranges from tees, accessories,jewelery and kiddie clothing.

      It's Dino Boy.Wearing a tie. How is that not cool?!IGNOBLE shirts are hand-numbered and,hand-screened and are limited to about 50 shirts. Get 'em while you can.

Anti-Monkey or the WTF Brigade
    A store comprising of every kind kind of showing the finger, from a sparkling Ladyboy, jiggle-wiggle Mr. Pudding, rough & tough Rocky, schick and proud Madam.
Beware Of The Hype
      A small but promising new clothing store on the net with clear cut designed shirts

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   In what is probably a weird coincidence, I was watching 12 Monkeys just before I found this on my twitter. And judging by OMUNKY Apparel's clothing line munkeys do look good on tees.
  I particularly like the above tee, the blank tee's colour, the simple design, the placement all adds up to a great tee. Way too many people nowadays are trying to cram a Van Gogh into a t shirt. And all the simple designs tend to sneak in the stores logo in a not so subtle way.
  All of OMUNKY's tees are 100% Organic-cotton or Recycled-cotton and a portion of the sales go to WildAid. So not only are you going to get a pretty good tee, you get the feel good factor as a bonus!
   And like all successful indie clothing stores, OMUNKY is moving up in the world, literally, they now have a giraffe tee if monkeys aren't your style.
 And as a bonus to the readers, you get a $10 discount with the code "iluvtshirts" to be used at checkout!

OMUNKY - Creative Eco- Friendly Apparel tees are all priced around $22. Check out their store for more merchandise. 

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     If you  are ever in Australia and feel tempted to pick up one of those crappy ' I love Australia' tees, stop yourself and get one of these from La Revolucion instead.
        One of their distinct tees is the Opera House tee. It really exemplifies how to make use of simple line /vector based drawings. I love the execution, but I wish it led to a kangaroo rather than a man.
  La Revolucion isn't Spanish, they're authentic Aussies. They have a small, but beautiful line of typography based tees. All their tees are centered around Autralia, Sydney,etc. They pass of for one hell of a memorabilia or a souvenir. So what the heck if you haven't been to the Aussie outback you can still get these tees online!

La Revolucion is an Australian based online tee store. Their merchandise is available in an array of colours. All their tees are priced at $29(AUD), roughly about US $25.

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You'll probably recall that I posted about a free t-shirt giveaway by Labyrinth Clothing a week ago, now here's a complete low down about Labyrinth behind the scene! Also upcoming will be a slew of indie clothing review spree, so bear with me!

Labyrinth Clothing is as indie as you can get, it's run by just one person only and he does a great job of it. Nader Boraie, the man behind Labyrinth, started out just like every kid on 4chan did, making wallpapers, etc and gradually got into tee design.
   Labyrinth aims to  design affordable, unique, and creative shirts. This isn't just the store's PR talking, Labyrinth does offer very affordable tees, starting from $3! Yup, and they are all  American Apparel Tees, if you are wondering about the quaility. Also, along with your tees comes a handful of freebies like pins,stickers and badges! Labyrinth also recently launched their fall collection.

This one is probably my favourite tee on the site. It portrays Boraie's potential for very artsy, distinct and conspicious designs. Just dislike the fact that it store logo is bang in the middle of it. Labyrinth would do very well if it puts up more designs that does not have the logo as the paramount theme. Same hitch with the cute dinos t shirt.
But where it does depict the stores logo it does so very well. 

Labyrinth Clothing is a small store, and comparing it to powerhouses like Threadless and DBH is unfair. It's a great place to go for for very cheap, yet different from the run-of-the-mill tees. It's definitely a store worth watching out for.

Labyrinth Clothing is an online clothing store, is on the Bigcartel platform, tees printed in  5-color silk-screen, uses American Apparel clothing.It's merchandise is priced between $3 and $12.

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It's not everyday that you run across a unique gangsta styled online tee shirt store. It's unique because they're really from Belgium. They also cater to kiddie fashion. Their site has a surprisingly lack of bling.
It's gangsta 'coz they cater to yer babiez, little brothaz, little sistahz, and bigger brothaz and sistahz yo!
          And as for why they're called AAITSKI!? I have no frigging clue, the about section just left me dazed and confused. We'll take the Aaitski Brothers' word for it....who are really named Filip Vandewiele & Bruno Seys.
          Now as for the coolafied clothing line at AAITSKI, they're simple vector based and are silk-screen printed. Most of their tees look like they look better on kids rather than adults, but they're not bad as women's apparel either. If the men are too queasy to walk around with a cute little panda or a pussy catsy on their shirts, the store has a line of hoodies based on the same....coz you know hoodies are as gangsta as you can get, and it doesn't matter if you're wearing a rainbow farting unicorn on it.

And also if you hurry, AAITSKI's giving out a 15% discount on their Afroboy Hoodies till the end of the FIFA World Cup.

AAITSKI Coolafied Clothing

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Seventh.Ink Shirts and Apparel are having a great sale this week, in celebration of their new line of tees.

All of their tees are printed on American Apparel, even the most fussy and finicky should have no coubts about their quality. They retail their shirts at around $24.
This Greedy Shark Tee is probably my favourite one in their store. I fleetingly recall seeing this showcased in emptees sometime ago, but I could have been just high then. Anyway the screen printing came out fabulously! Unfortunately, this isn't one of their $10 shirts. Still at $20 it's a great buy.

 Here's a tee that would make George Romero proud. Or at least LOL a lot. Seriously, with the plethora of zombie tees on the net, it's nice to see a tee stand out for it's humour.

Also head over to Seventh.Ink for their $10 sale featuring some of their best designs! The rockstar T-Rex looks like a must buy!

Seventh.Ink Shirts And Apparel

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