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Barack Obama

In what can be considered as a huge ballsy move, the Obama '12 campaign have put out Obama's birth certificate as merchandise to help raise funds for his upcoming campaign. There's even a Made in the USA tee for Obama fans out there. Unfortunately I couldn't find an online checkout for these. But you can get the mug on a donation of $15 and above and the tee for $25 and above.

Nowhere Bad

  I usually don't post the same tee store in consecutive posts, but I just  found out that these tees sell for just $15 with free shipping(US only)! And on Fridays they knock off a buck, so you can get 'em for just $14!


 As usual threadless is having one of their many awesome sales where all tees are 12 bucks a piece. The sale is extended till 20ththat's err today!

Design By Humans


         UneeTee's mystery shirt is back! This is where they give you a random tee for just $6!


I don't know what the hell a rapture sale is,we all know that's on 21st Dec 2012 , but it sounds good!

This long weekend roundup is to keep you guys occupied till Monday, since I'll be away for the weekend! Have a great weekend kids, see ya next week, if the world doesn't end, that is!

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